Colonia, UY

Many things about Uruguay have been better than expected. The view from the bus isn’t really one of them. The scenery here looks pretty much just like southern Alberta, with a few more trees, so doesn’t match up with some of our past rides. Our host was kind enough to offer us a ride to… Continue reading Colonia, UY

Punta del Diablo, UY

Well, a week has come and gone here in the small beach village that is Punta del Diablo. It was exactly the type of place we wanted to spend the Christmas holidays at. The village consists of dirt roads, lots of cabañas, one ATM (which won’t be turned on until the high-season starts in January)… Continue reading Punta del Diablo, UY

Piriápolis, UY

After about 27 hours on the road – most of that actually in one bus or another – we arrived in Piriápolis, making this our longest “travel day” yet on the trip. Our bus departed from Puerto Iguazú at 5:45PM, and took us overnight to arrive at Concordia at 6:30AM. This sounded like a pretty good… Continue reading Piriápolis, UY