“Adios” Argentina

We find ourselves staying in Buenos Aires for a third and final time as we prepare to leave the country. We have decided to stay in our favorite neighbourhood in the city, Palermo Soho, which is a large version of our Kensington neighbourhood back home. We fell in love with this area during our first stay in BA, while we were still in the Recoleta area and ever since, Dan had been pretty vocal about wanting to stay here at least once before we take off. The past couple of days have been geared towards buying some last minute things for ourselves, taking advantage of the generous VISA gift card that a few friends from iStock had given us as a parting gift. Dan has commented that this area (in all our travels this year) is the most densely packed with boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and markets, making it a great spot to end off on.

We can’t believe that we’ve already been here for a month and a half and are truly surprised that we will be boarding our plane in a few hours, taking us to our last country on this world trip. The friends we’ve made and experiences we’ve had at the Eco Yoga park will probably be one of the highlights from this leg. Iguazu Falls was also an amazing sight to see and the travelling adventures we had getting to and from there will always be a good story to tell, and of course, spending our most relaxing Christmas holidays in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay as well as New Year’s in Mar del Plata, Argentina are added highlights.

We’re curious to see how the Spanish will differ between the Dominican and here, but are willing and ready to learn! But we need to get there first, so it’s off we go to start off our 16 hour total flight time (28 hour total travel time). Next stop, Santiago, Chile for our layover…

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